由于9778818威尼斯官网在芝加哥大都市区的独特位置, residents can enjoy the best of the city’s cultural attractions combined with the community focus of suburban life and miles  of countryside dotted with farms, 风景如画的城镇和村庄, 古宅, 森林保护区和自然小径. 同时, as one of the fastest growing counties in the US and home to one of the densest concentrations of intermodal transportation facilities in the country, 该县会为居民提供一系列无与伦比的经济机会吗. 

Modernization of Will County’s infrastructure to serve the needs of a complex and growing economy has been matched by a process of innovation and modernization on the part of county government. 当他们浏览县里的新网站时, 居民将会遇到许多旨在让他们更好地获取信息的改进实例, 申请及表格, 实习和志愿者机会以及县政府提供的各种服务.