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Rabies Vaccinations and Registration Information

9778818威尼斯官网动物管理局 Ordinance require all dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated against Rabies and registered with 9778818威尼斯官网动物管理局.  The rabies vaccination not only protects 你r pets from the disease, it also reduces the chances of humans being exposed to Rabies.

Displaying 你r pet's registration tag is not only required by law, but it helps ensure that if 你r pet gets lost or hurt, 你, 作为业主, 能及时联系到!

Most Veterinary facilities located in Will County will issue a registration tag when 你r pet is vaccinated against Rabies.  If the Veterinary facility does not carry our registration tags, 你 must purchase it by mailing a check or money order payable to 9778818威尼斯官网动物管理局 along with a copy of the vaccination certificate and correct owner/pet information.  You can also come to our office located at 22452 S. 樱桃山路 Joliet, Il 60433, or 你 may purchase the tag by phone using a credit or debit card by calling us at (815) 462-5633.
** Our department must have a copy of the Rabies vaccination certificate (issued by the vaccinating Veterinarian) on file in order to issue a registration tag. Please email a copy of 你r certificate along with 你r contact information to tags@mnaser.net or call our office at (815)462-5633 to purchase a rabies tag.



Rabies tag registration fee schedule:

$15 for 1-year tag, spayed or neutered

$35 for 3-year tag, spayed or neutered


$40 for 1-year tag, intact (non-neutered)

$90 for 3-year tag, intact (non-neutered)


*If the pet is under 1 year of age, the tag fees are the same as spayed/neutered.

Link to Inoculation Ordinance
Link to Registration Ordinance