Thank You from 9778818威尼斯官网动物管理局

9778818威尼斯官网动物管理局 would like to officially recognize all shelter, 救援伙伴, and veterinary hospitals who have assisted us with adoption of our stray animals in 2022:

  • 所有放牧品种救援
  • Animal Care Center of Plainfield
  • 新莱诺克斯的动物诊所
  • 动物保护联盟
  • Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society
  • 比利时玛利诺犬救援
  • Boxer反弹公司.
  • Cache Creek救援
  • Central Indiana Lab Rescue and Adoption
  • 道奇县人道协会
  • Forget Me Not Animal Rescue of Will County
  • 德国牧羊犬救援
  • Grand Prairie Animal Hospital
  • 哈士奇之家
  • Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus
  • 这是Pittie Rescue
  • Joliet Township 动物控制
  • 中西部柴犬救援
  • 中西部动物医院
  • 熟知Mokena
  • P.A.W.S. 亭利公园
  • 用爪子营救
  • 皮通动物医院
  • Plainfield Veterinary Clinic
  • 废品回收公司.
  • South Suburban Humane Society
  • TLC动物收容所
  • VCA Forest South Animal Hospital
  • Joliet动物医院
  • 9778818威尼斯官网人道协会
  • 野心救援




The 9778818威尼斯官网动物管理局 Department provides a comprehensive 动物控制 Program for Will county residents. Our staff includes four animal control officers that respond to resident's reports regarding bites to humans caused by animals.  The officers also respond to common animal control complaints received from residents living in the unincorporated areas of Will County not served by other local animal control programs.

The 动物控制 Program maintains a twenty-four hour answering service and emergency pick-up for confined stray animals, injured animals and stray biters. 9778818威尼斯官网动物管理局 facility consists of administrative offices only.  We do not have the capacity to house any animals for adoption.  We cannot accept owner turn-ins, or drop offs.

If you can no longer keep or house your pet please contact your local animal shelters. If you have adopted your pet from a shelter or other adoption agency, you should review your adoption contract.  Many agencies have a policy that states to return the pet to that particular agency.
Will County Animal Ordinance  

9778818威尼斯官网人道协会  (Shorewood): 815.741.0695  
Joliet Township 动物控制  (Owner turn-ins available for Joliet residents only): 815.725.0333   
动物福利联盟 (芝加哥岭):708.636.8586

动物控制 联系 Information

22452 S. 樱桃山路.
Joliet, IL 60433


Mon - Fri  8:30 am - 4:30 pm