Illinois law requires each public body to post specific information regarding the public body as part of the 信息自由法 (《9778818威尼斯官网》). 见5 ILCS 140/4. This report covers Fiscal Year 2023.

The 9778818威尼斯官网司库 (“This office”) serves as both treasurer for the county and as the ex-officio tax collector. The Treasurer is responsible for depositing, investing, and disbursing all funds for Will County. The Collector is responsible for billing, 收集, investing and distributing Will County property taxes. The duties of Treasurer and Collector are regulated by Illinois law.

The functional areas of this office are accounting, banking, and tax collection.

The operating budget for this office in Fiscal Year 2023 is $1,695,345.

This office has 18 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees as of January 1, 2023.

This office is the investment advisor and agent to the County of Will Retiree Health Insurance Board of Trustees, also known as the Other Post-就业 Benefits (OPEB) Board.

The main office for the 9778818威尼斯官网司库 is located in the 9778818威尼斯官网办公大楼, 北芝加哥街302号, Joliet, IL 60432-4059. The telephone number is 815-740-4675. The fax number is 815-740-4695. 电子邮件可发送至 treasurer@mnaser.net. 网址是: http://willcountytreasurer.com/

Requests for Information and Public Record

The 9778818威尼斯官网司库’s Office accepts requests to inspect or copy records via U.S. Mail, courier, email, personal delivery, and fax. 请求 does not need to be submitted on a standard form; 然而,一个 《9778818威尼斯官网》申请表格 是可用的. You may make an anonymous request.

The 信息自由法 officer for this office is:

Tim Brophy – 9778818威尼斯官网司库 and 《9778818威尼斯官网》 Officer
9778818威尼斯官网司库’s Office
Joliet, IL 60432-4059
815-740-4681 (TDD)
Email: treasurer@mnaser.net

You may obtain a guide to the Illinois 信息自由法 from the Illinois Attorney General at www.IllinoisAttorneyGeneral.政府.  你可查阅我们的 信息自由法 Policy 在这里.