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保护历史古迹 Commission
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保护历史古迹 Commission (HPC)

保护历史古迹 Commission (HPC) 促进 and assists in the preservation of 将公司unty's rural heritage through the identification, 评价, and documentation of 将公司unty's historic landmarks, and thereby increases and encourages public awareness of and appreciation for 将公司unty's history and historic landscape.

将公司unty Local Landmark Program

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将公司unty Rural Historic Structures Survey Project

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的 保护历史古迹 Section develops, 促进, and implements comprehensive, general and special plans and programs involving historic preservation planning activities. Many of the specific responsibilities include:

  • Enforce 保护历史古迹 Ordinance;
  • Review and process nominations for local historic landmarks;
  • Promote public education, involvement, and awareness of historic preservation;
  • Manage County-wide rural historic structural survey;
  • Provide technical design, historical, and policy guidance;

Provide staff services for committees which include the 保护历史古迹 Commission and 土地使用 and Development Committee of the Will 县委员会. Upcoming agendas for these review bodies are available.